Why EverFree? | Everfree Antalya Yachts

Why EverFree?

Everfree Antalya Yachts offers private luxury cruises both daily and overnight, as well as customized charter options for any destination.

Why You Should Prefer Everfree Yachts over other yacht companies in Antalya is:

  • Premium Yachts: Our yachts are premium quality yachts. They are designed and built by the world-famous Italian yacht-builder Azimut. They are like the Ferrari of the sea. They are luxurious and fast. Their prices are higher because they cost a lot more to maintain and drive. Why should you care about expensive yachts? Because you will be getting a more valuable experience. Our yachts are:
    • 3 times faster than standard cruise boats due to their powerful 1500 HP engines. It will take 3 times faster to travel to whichever bay you’d like to visit.
    • Fully equipped and luxuriously decorated. You will experience this extra comfort and luxury when you are resting on seats and beds, when you use the toilets, when you take photos, when you are served with meals and drinks etc.
    • Newer than most other cruising yachts in Antalya. As such, they are safer and give you a better cruising experience in general.
    • Resistant and safe due being made of fiberglass. Most other cruising yachts in Antalya are wooden, meaning they are not as safe. CLICK for details.
  • Accreditation: We operate commercially licensed yachts. Their tourism and alcohol permits are all in order. All these permits ensure quality standards and safety measures which are overseen and inspected by the government. In most other yachts that accept customers in Antalya, there are no quality standards because they do not have the said licenses and permits; and the government does not inspect or oversee the standard of their safety and quality.
  • Friendly and Professional Staff: Our staff includes trained stewardesses, skilled cooks and experienced captains. They will give you the best customer service, understand and fulfill your request, speak English, smile and nod, and serve you the best meals and drinks. Most other yachts in Antalya do not even employ a stewardess; instead the deckhands are serving the customers while attending to the boat the same time, whereas our private chefs cook 5-Star meals for you.
  • Expensive Toys: To keep you entertained throughout the entire cruise, on board are Jetski, Fliteboard, Seabob, Wakeboard and Fiber-Based Inflatable Boat to land on beach. Most other yachts in Antalya do not have these services. CLICK for details.
  • Delicious and Healthy Menu: Our menu consists of healthy and delicious items such as Ribeye Steak, Lobster, Shrimp Casserole, Crispy Fried Calamari Rings and more. CLICK for details.
  • Our customers get exactly what they were promised: Our yachts are exactly as shown in the pictures on our website. Our menu is well-photographed and detailed on our website, so you know exactly what you are going to see on the lunch table. We take our guests to the bays that are shown in the pictures on our website. With other companies, you book a nice yacht that you see in the photo, and then on cruise day you are given another yacht, because the nice one wasn’t available. This does not happen with Everfree Yachts.
  • We have the best customer service: Our call center is 1 message away before the cruise, during the cruise and even after the cruise. You can discuss the menu options and your dietary needs with them. In case something is not to your liking, you can always contact our English-speaking crew or contact our call-center by WhatsApp and we will work on a solution. With other yachts, when you are not satisfied with something, you run into language barriers or a complete lack of response, especially after you pay them.