BOOKING and CANCELLATION POLICY | Everfree Antalya Yachts


Thank you for choosing Everfree Yachts for your luxury yacht experience. Please review our booking and cancellation policy for a seamless and enjoyable experience.

I) Booking Policy:

To secure your reservation, a downpayment of 50% of the total booking amount is required.

This downpayment is essential for reserving the yacht exclusively for your party, thereby
necessitating the rejection of other reservation requests. We accept the following payment
methods: Credit Card, Mail Order, Bank Transfer, Cash and Western Union.

Additionally, it enables our crew to meticulously prepare for your cruise by procuring fresh
ingredients and ensuring the yacht is in pristine condition, commencing 2 hours prior to your
scheduled departure.

In case of booking more than 1 month in advance, a reduced down-payment of 25% of the total
booking amount can be accepted.

II) Weather Contingency Policy:

At EverFree Yachts, the safety and enjoyment of our customers are our utmost priorities. We take safety precautions seriously and are committed to providing a secure and memorable experience.

Rain or Excessive Wind Conditions:

In the event of rainy or excessively windy weather that could compromise the safety of the cruise, we will proactively postpone the cruise to the next available date.

No Customer Request Required:

Customers need not make a special request for rescheduling due to adverse weather conditions. Your safety and comfort are our responsibility.

Customer Unavailability on Rescheduled Date:

If the customer is unavailable on any of the rescheduled dates, a full refund will be provided promptly.

Our Commitment:

We want to reassure our customers that dealing with inclement weather is our concern, not theirs. You can book with confidence knowing that your experience will be both safe and enjoyable.

Please note that our crew is trained to monitor weather conditions diligently, and decisions regarding cruise postponements are made with your safety in mind.

III) Policy for Cancellation on the Customer’s Request:

Please note that all cancellations must be communicated in writing to our customer service team. Refunds are usually processed within 1 business day following the cancellation notification.

Cancelling 1 Month Before the Cruise or Earlier:
100% of the down-payment is refundable.

Cancelling Within the Last 30 Days Before the Cruise:
50% of the down-payment (equivalent to 25% of the total booking amount) is refundable.

Cancelling Within the Last 24 Hours Before the Cruise:
Unfortunately, no refund is possible for cancellations made within the last 24 hours before the
scheduled cruise.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We look forward to providing you with an
unforgettable yacht experience.